Frank Bettger’s Bestselling Book “How I Raised Myself from Failure To Success in Selling”,


Frank Bettger’s bestselling book, written in 1947, “How I Raised Myself from Failure To Success in Selling”, recaps three significant milestones in his life:

a professional baseball career ending with an injury, the financial struggles endured when he returned to his hometown of Philadelphia, and his ultimate success as an insurance salesman.

When his baseball career came to an abrupt end, Frank made desperate attempts at earning a living first as a bicycle riding bill collector and then as a failing insurance salesman. During the time of his struggles he was a part-time baseball coach at Swarthmore College. While coaching, he was invited to make a public speech. He knew that like most people he was not prepared for this task. To get help in preparing for the upcoming speech Frank went to the Philadelphia YMCA where Dale Carnegie was teaching an early version of his now famous public speaking class.

Bettger in that public speaking class was reminded of an old lesson he learned in baseball – the value of enthusiasm. He went on to make about 40,000 sales calls and earn enough in about thirteen years to have retired at age 42 if he had chosen to. In fact, he purchased a $70,000 estate, which based on inflation since that time would be a $1,000,000 estate in today’s money.

A number of years after Frank Bettger took Dale Carnegie’s course at the YMCA they happened to be on the same train and Carnegie said to him “Frank, I have been giving a series of one week schools sponsored by the United States Junior Chamber Of Commerce (JayCees). Why don’t you come along with me and give some talks on selling. Bettger agreed and they went on to teach courses called “Leadership Training, Human Relations and Salesmanship”.

Later Dale Carnegie convinced Bettger to write the book, “How I Raised Myself from Failure To Success in Selling” because as Carnegie said, many of the books on salesmanship are written by people who never did any selling at all.

Carnegie’s idea was for Bettger to write a new kind of book on selling, one that would tell precisely what he did to achieve the success he had experienced.

Frank wrote the book that tells the story of his own life. He told how as a poor boy in Philadelphia, who after dropping out of school in the sixth grade, sold papers on the street. His recounting of his eight year baseball career includes the early struggles as well as his successes. Bettger who played under the name, Frank Bettcher, started in the minors and ended his career with the St. Louis Cardinals. The book recounts how he used one idea learned in his baseball playing days to multiply his income many times as a salesman and the importance of planning and organization were to productivity.

How I Raised Myself from Failure To Success in Selling” As well as being a great book on selling, it is also a very entertaining one since the illustrations are from Frank’s real life in baseball as well as the world of selling. Frank’s stumbles and failures are easily understood by any readers who have not achieved the success in selling they seek. But the information about selling he gives can lead to triumphs because it is based on what he did and not on half baked theory.How to achieve your goals
the reader can clearly see that if he applies Bettgers methods for winning people’s confidence thru reason and honesty

Frank Bettger’s book  “How I Raised Myself from Failure To Success in Selling”did not cover a lot about setting long term goals, but he did stress the importance of making plans at the end each week for what he would do the next. The terminology is different but the outcome is the same. He planned his weekly activities to achieve his desired results. That is what goal setting is all about. If you would like a simple guide to you set and reach your goals take a look at this!.

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  2. i am a risk advisor in an insurance company. as a new person i was told about this book be a senior colleague. Sir how can i get this book please. i need experience to make it in the market.

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